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Dear Parents / Guardians:

Your son/daughter is to be enrolled in a Massachusetts State approved Driver's Education Program with
Community Auto School. Receipt of this document constitutes a contract between Community Auto School
and the student to whom is assigned.

At Community Auto School, we offer a comprehensive curriculum, including a 21 Chapter reference text “License To Drive” , computer DVD learner’s permit study center, extensive video library support services, 3(Three) Quizzes, 1 (One) 50 question multiple choice Final.

Road Lessons are given in a dual-control vehicle, which has a brake pedal on the right side for instructors to use, and is equipped with restraint system. Adequate insurance coverage is carried on all our vehicles and all who use or ride in it. The maximum time allowed for a student to be in the car for instruction is 2 (two) hours.

Fees: If there are any returned checks, you will be charged a fee of $25.00.

There is an additional fee once all of the Registry of Motor Vehicles requirements have been met of $15.00, for the processing of your son/daughter Driver’s Education Certificate. This is done through the Registry of Motor Vehicles not Community Auto School. This fee is paid to the instructor in the vehicle on the student’s last Road Lesson.

Upon completion of ALL of the Registry of Motor Vehicles requirements, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be notified that all requirements have been met.


  • 30 Hours of Classroom
  • 12 Hours behind the Wheel
  • 6 Hours Observation
  • 2 Hour parent class

Optional Fees: The use of our car for your Road Test is $95.00 which can be paid in cash/money order ONLY the day of your test.

Please keep in mind; your Road Test is booked by us during school hours when school is in session. We will pick the student up at school and will return the student to school after their Road Test has been completed unless otherwise noted by the parent/guardian. Any Road Test cancelation must be made within 24 hours of the actual Road Test time or the Registry of Motor Vehicles will charge you an additional $20.00 fee the day your son/daughter receives their license.

The Registry fees for your Road Test are:

  • $20.00 Road Test Fee
  • $50.00 License Fee

Payable to the Mass DOT

Road Lesson Cancelation Policy:

If the student needs to cancel a Road Lesson, we request that at least a 3 day notice be given in order to fill that open spot. We do not guarantee upon a cancelation that you will be able to receive another Road Lesson right away. Our instructors are usually booked 10 days in advance. It could take more than 10 days depending on the availability of the instructor to get back into rotation.

Missed Class Policy:

If your son/daughter is to miss a particular class he/she must make up the class that was missed in a future Class Session of your choice. For example; if class #3 were to be missed, class #3 is to be made up in the session or any subsequent sessions thereafter.



Road Lesson Procedures:

After the students balance is paid in FULL and we have a copy of the students permit on file, and the student has completed a minimum of ten hours driving with a parent on the road (not a parking lot) the student will then be assigned to an instructor.

Please give the instructor 7 days to place a call for the first Road Lesson. Once in the car the student may continue to book their Road Lessons. Keep in mind if they cancel their Road Lesson or do not show up for their Road Lesson, it may take up to 10 days to get back into the rotation depending on the availability of the instructor.

Please Note: The student’s first lesson may take up to 10 days to start depending on the availability of the instructor.

To pay your balance in full, please send your payment to the Dracut Location only:

Community Auto School
1049 Lakeview Ave.
Dracut, Ma 01826

Parent Class Procedures:

It is not necessary to sign up for a Parent Class. Please go to the Parent Class tab where you will find the dates and locations where the Parent Classes are being held. Choose one that is convenient for you and you may just show up for that class time. You may go to any location that is convenient for you.  

Verifying the Students Driver’s Ed Certificate:

The Registry of Motor Vehicles will be notified by us through the US Postal Service that the student has completed all of their requirements. At this time the Registry of Motor Vehicles will process the Student’s Certificate.  The date that it was processed will show up online. (The Registry of Motor Vehicles no longer sends paper copies of the Certificate in the mail).

To check to see if the Student’s Certificate has been processed, go to www.mass.gov/orgs/massachusetts-registry-of-motor-vehicles. If you have difficulties please email us the student’s name, permit number and date of birth and we will be happy to look it up for you.  Once the Student’s Certificate has been processed a Road Test may be booked. If you are going with Community Auto School for your Road Test we need to book it through our school. Just let us know via email (info@communityautoschool.com) that you would like to use our vehicle for the Road Test. If you are going on your own, you may book the Road Test yourself.

Registry of Motor Vehicles - (857) 368-8000